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State Of Victoria Has Just Legalized Medical Cannabis

medicinal cannabis now legal in Victoria, AustraliaVictoria has just become the first state in Australia to legalize cannabis for medicinal use, after the Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2015 was passed in parliament on 12/04/16.

The actioning of this Bill was an election promise made by Premier Daniel Andrews Government.

In October 2014 Daniel Andrews announced, if labor gets elected in, the State Government would legalize medical cannabis.  He also stated he had, “Seen first hand how medical cannabis can change peoples lives”.

Victorian Patients and their families will No Longer have to Decide between…

Breaking The Law & Watching A Loved One Die

Children with severe epilepsy whose condition has not responded to any other treatment, will be the first to be given access to the Medicinal Cannabis grown and cultivated by the Government, in early 2017.

So far the Government is focusing on this one group while cultivation and manufacturing facilities are being set up in Victoria for ongoing supply.

Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy has said the drug will be available in a wide variety of forms: oils, tinctures (popular for children), pills and vaporizers.

Under the States law, only a specialist medical practitioner will be able to prescribe the drug.

Access to the medical cannabis will eventually roll out to patients with other severe illnesses and diseases.

The Victorian Government will establish the Office of Medicinal Cannabis to oversee the implementation and distribution of the drug for those in need.

Article written by Wen Dee

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