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Heroin Alternative Krocodile – Turns into Flesh Eating Illness

posted by Wendee
Heroin Alternative  Krocodile – Turns into Flesh Eating Illness
(Warning – Graphic images below)

Krokodile (also known as Kocodile meth) is a home made alternative to heroin and costs 1 tenth of the price of heroin.  Simple to make with ingredients being easy to get. The psychoactive core agent of Krokodil is a home made version of the pharmaceutical drug desomorphine – an opiate type morphine substitute.  Due to the addictiveness of desomorphine many doctors abandoned its use.

This home made clandestine version Krokodile can be manufactured by boiling tablets containing codeine and various other ingredients such as petrol, iodine, industrial cleaning oils, lighter fluids etc.  Korokodile is flammable and is much stronger than heroin, but the high of it doesn’t last as long as heroin.

Some drug users have injected Krokodile into themselves…
After being told it was Heroin

Krokodile usage has been a big problem in Russia since approximately 2002.  Now this deadly drug is spreading into various countries including, the U.K and U.S.  This drug is……

  • Addictive after just one dose
  • Eats/rots flesh & organs from the inside out (often with a horrific smell)
  • Teeth rot out
  • Blood poisoning – Blood vessels burst and the surrounding area dies
  • Abscesses and gangrene forming from the inside to outside of the body
  • Amputations
  • There is No cure for this flesh eating illness
  • Life expectancy for regular users is 3-4 years


Krokodil takes Toll on Russian Addicts

(ABC News)

Krokodil can be made in around 30 minutes by boiling tablets containing codeine and various other ingredients such as petrol, iodine, industrial cleaning oils, lighter fluids etc then injected by an intravenous needle into various body parts. This procedure is often done many times in one day due to the short term of the high when on this drug. The user then injects this caramel-colored liquid into various parts of their body to get a high that lasts for approximately 30 – 60 minutes on average.


Reports of Flesh-rotting drug Krokodil Popping up in…

Oklahoma and NYC clubs

An Oklahoma resident, Justin McGee, 33, died in the hospital in November 2012. He technically died of a heart attack, but he showed symptoms of krokodil use, including missing skin. “It did his body so bad, he would lie in the bed with his head covered, because he didn’t want them to see,” his sister-in-law Lesia McGee tells The Verge.

Justin’s symptoms were stumping doctors, who eventually had him airlifted from the small town of Duncan to Oklahoma City. “They were calling us because I’m a nurse,” Lesia recalls. “They said, ‘Chunks of his skin are falling off and they can’t get an IV in.’” More…


The name Krokodil comes from… 

The reaction the drug has on the users body. At the beginning the skin becomes greenish and scaly like a crocodiles. Within months gangrene sets in and the skin will start to rot form the inside out. The results of krokodile usage is an antibiotic resistant disease.  A slow, agonizing, drawn-out death of decay and rot.

When users stop using Krokodile they go through severe and painful withdrawals for up to a month. The long term effects of the drug will last longer.  The few that do survive are usually left disfigured, with neurological, endocrine and organ damage associated with chemicals and heavy metals commonly used in Krokodile production.

This deadly drug starts to eat the person quickly!

If you are on this drug or have a loved one that is…

Contact your local Drug Rehabilitation Center (urgently) for help. 

Article written by Wen Dee:

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